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Change to Awards and Badges

Posted on: January 17th, 2014

PoolSchools develop swimmers throughout every term and however each swimmer will progress and pass benchmark stages at different speeds, nevertheless our aim is that all students show progress every term. The AQ Scheme develops and recognises technique and not the ability to travel a certain distance in the water. Building technique will increase the distance a swimmer can complete.

Recognition of effort and attainment is key to motivating and marking progress. PoolSchools recognises effort by awarding the Star of the week at the end of each session and when progressing to the next level by presenting badges and stickers for the swimmers’ progression chart.

In the past we have also given Achievement Awards to swimmers who at the end of term have not progressed to the next level. The average time in each swimming level is just over two terms. It is therefore likely that all swimmers will receive several progression awards. Following a review of this process and feedback from many parents, these achievement awards are not perceived as significant as; the actual attainment of reaching the new level.

Therefore as of January 2014 we shall no longer automatically issue Achievement Awards to all swimmers who do not progress to the next level.

We are aware of how important recognition is for new swimmers and particularly those in our F classes,  therefore if you feel that a swimmers’ motivation will benefit from receiving an achievement award, we will still be pleased to complete and issue the certificate at reception when a Badge /Sticker is not due to be issued.

Parent and child class will continue to receive their existing stickers

Awards will be issued from week 3 of each term