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VAT. Changes to our pries

Posted on: January 23rd, 2015

Change of fees due to the addition of VALUE ADDED TAX “VAT”

Due to increased demand for swimming lessons, PoolSchools extended the times and number of classes available during 2014.

Offering more standard weekend classes (NEW classes have included lessons for children with Special Needs; Adult lessons; Ladies Only Sessions; Longer P7 & Gulls classes and crash course places) all of which have allowed PoolSchools to offer existing swimmers a wider selection of class times, a broader range of classes for all skills, ages and abilities.

Under current legislation when a businesses’ turnover exceeds a specific level, businesses has to apply VAT @ 20% to the cost of their sales.

Swim Schools fall under normal tax law and are not covered by the Educational or Charitable exemptions.

As a result PoolSchools “Bancroft” will reach the applicable threshold in March and will no longer be able to offer lessons exempt from Value added Tax “VAT”.

The practical impact of this government tax will be an increase to the current cost of a class fees, from £7.50 – £9.00

A term will remain 11 weeks and therefore after Easter the Summer term fees will increase to £99.

The additional costs are a TAX and paid in to HMRC. VAT will be applied to all fees as of 23rd February 2015.

In order to reduce the impact of this TAX increase Poolschools have:

                Reduced some costs and will hold fees at the new levels until September 2016

                Will not apply increase to Crash courses or Short courses

                Will standardise all fees at £99

 To reduce the impact further PoolSchools will be offering existing swimmers the following options

One Off Pre-Booking:- Pre pay for 3 terms in advance, before the 22nd February and avoid the 20% increas

Option to make a monthly Standing order and discount

More 5 week short courses @ £45

Multi swimmer discounts (4th swimmer is free)



2015 Crash Courses

Posted on: January 11th, 2015


Autumn  1/2 term Crash course 26th 27th 28th October

Book and pay before  September 30th and only pay £25 (Standard fees £50)


2015 October Half Term Crash Course

Posted on: January 11th, 2015


Wednesday 28th Thursday 29th Friday 30th October (Standard fees £50)

Early booking discount pay before 10th October and receive 50% off (Pay Just £25)


Welcome Back

Posted on: January 5th, 2015

Autumn Term  We return in September on 

Friday  4th 

Satruday  5th 

Sunday 6th 

Monday 7th