Courses & Qualifications

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Term Time Classes

Welcome to Pool Schools

PoolSchools offer a variety of classes and where available 1-2-1 private lessons. Our classes are small and focused with generally only three classes running at a time. We run classes from parent and child – through beginners to advanced and offer this for all ages.

New swimmers aged four and over, with some experience of swimming will need to be assessed so that they are placed in the correct class. Children of four or under can be offered places in classes without an assessment. Children under four that need to be with a parent can join a Ducks / Duckling Class without assessment.

Classes are mostly delivered as a 30 min session but advanced juniors and adults may run for 45 mins. Those senior swimmers attaining Level P7 can join the Gulls Club increasing technique and building stamina and fitness.

If you miss the start of term we do run short courses that run for five weeks in the second half of the term and we operate waiting lists for all classes.

Catch Up Sessions – Unique to PoolSchools

During half term we run two afternoon sessions dedicated to children who have fallen behind the scheme during the term due to absence. Children will be invited to these sessions if their teacher feels they would benefit from the additional class.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are limited where they are available they can be booked in five week blocks. Private lessons are not scheduled until the main timetable is completed the times available will change each term.

Special Needs Swimming

For further information or to reserve a place please contact us via the contact us page.

Holiday Courses and Short Courses

Crash Courses help children develop skills as they concentrate effort over a short period. The teacher will aim to develop one or two key skills with each swimmer. Following a crash course children return to the same class they were attending before the crash course.

Children’s Crash courses run every half term and one week every Easter holiday. Crash Courses run for three days the times vary as do the length of a lesson generally they will run between 9.30 – 12.30 . Lessons are 45 min long

For Senior swimmers “P4 and above” can attend a Swimming Skills Course, where students develop breathing, sculling, stroke technique and practice diving and rescue skills.

All pool time is beneficial; crash courses allow children to concentrate and master a skill or develop further confidence. We group ability for crash course. We do not run crash courses for Parent and Child classes

Level Target Skill
F1/2 Build Water Confidence
F3/4 Basic Skills and build water confidence
P1/2 Build technique
P3/4 Build technique
P5 Increase stamina and build technique
Skills Course For P4 and above
Swimming Skills
Diving/Sculling/Breath control/Somersault tumble turns

Short Courses

Short Courses cater for people who miss the beginning of our normal term. Starting after half term these classes run for five weeks, classes often combine two ability levels. Our object is to get children integrated into the scheme ready for the next full term.

Completing a five week short course entitles you to a guaranteed offer of a place on the next terms full term. Classes run on Saturday or Sunday afternoon between 3.00 pm and 4.30 pm. Many swimmers combine the half term crash courses with the 5 Week course

Adult and Aqua Aerobic

Adults swimming lesson are in increasing demand. Lessons are structured on the adult’s personal objectives rather than a group curriculum however classes are structured into 5 levels

Non Swimmers Swimmers who like to be in a depth where they can stand
Beginners Swimmers who are comfortable floating
Improvers Swimmers who can swim 10m or more
Intermediate Swimmers who can swim 25m
Advanced Swimmer who can swim more than 25 m of more than one stroke
Swimfit Swimmers who wish to develop fitness and stamina and who can swim effectively over 100m on 2 or more strokes

Class lengths vary subject to the ability of the swimmer ranging between 30 – 60 minutes. To join a class adult students do not need assessments. A verbal evaluation is conducted over the telephone and during the first session.

Aqua Aerobic

A very popular activity  These are fun classes working all the main muscle groups. Aqua Aerobics is a very low impact form of exercise but due to the resistance of the water works the muscles in both directions. Available to swimmers over 18+, non swimmers can attend but will be required to wear suitable floatation aids


 Adult Classes September 2014 Bancroft Reigate Dunottar Hazelwood
Non-Swimmers Sunday 4.30 pm
Sunday 5.00 pm (Ladies Only)
Wednesday 7.30-8.00 pmFriday 7.30-8.00 pm Monday 8.30-9.00 pm  Monday 7.30- 8.30Tuesday 6.30- 7.30
Beginners Friday 8.30 pmSunday 5.00 pm (Ladies Only) Wednesday 8.00-8.30 pmFriday 7.00-7.30 pm Monday  8.30 – 9.00 pm Monday 7.30-8.30Tuesday 6.30- 7.30
Improvers Sunday 5.00 pm (Ladies Only) Wednesday 7.30-8.00 pmFriday 7.30-8.00 pm Monday 8.30-9.00 pm Monday 7.30- 8.30Tuesday 6.30- 7.30
Intermediates Monday 7.45-8.30 pm Wednesday 8.00-8.45 pmFriday 7.30- 8.00 pm    
Advanced Monday 7.45-8.30pm Wednesday .7.30-8.30pm    
Swimfit  N/A  Friday 6.00-7.30 pm    
Aqua Aerobic N/A Wednesday 8.35-9.20pm    


Teacher Training and Life Guard Training


PoolSchools are pleased to host ASA swim teacher courses for Level 1 and Level 2  teaching. These courses are held at Reigate Grammar.

The ASA courses are the start of a career in swim teaching and all our teachers hold ASA qualifications.

PoolSchools are pleased to assist new teachers with the cost of these courses should they subsequently work as a teacher for us.

Please visit the ASA website for full details of the course content and next available dates.


PoolSchools are pleased to run NPLQ lifeguard courses at Reigate Grammar. We run two courses per year with up to twelve candidates on each course.

PoolSchools are pleased to assist new lifeguards with the cost of these courses should they subsequently work for us.


PoolSchools run in house training courses throughout the year. These are open to our staff, PoolSchools Franchisees and members of the public with suitable pre-existing qualifications. They do not offer points towards the CPD total

Topics include

Parent and Child lessons
Assessing a Swimmers ability
P6 7 and Gulls
Adults lessons
Effective teaching
Developing a stroke techniques
Themes funs and everything