Would you like to pay by Standing Order – New option!

We have received a number of requests to set up a standing order arrangement after the deadline date has passed. In light of the number of requests we have received we have decided to offer another option to pay by standing order.
*£37 per month over 9 months*
The option will be spread over 9 months, the first payment must reach our account on 1st/2nd March with the last payment being 1st/2nd November.
This will still cover the full year of swimming.

Please make payment in to the following bank account using the swimmers PoolSchools unique ID as the payment reference.
When paying for more than one child please do this separately.

Please note this is a different bank account then our normal payments are into. Bank Account Details Bank:
Sort code 09-01-28
Account Number 31476448

Unfortunately due to the large number of incorrect payments from
the standing order process in 2017 any payments received after 1st/2nd March will not be entered in to an arrangement.

Kind Regards


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