Rebboking for Jan 2018

Rebooking Closing this weekend

12th November Rebooking ends

13th November Request to changes will be addressed

How to rebook
You will receive an email which will identify the class you have been allocated for next term. In order to keep this place please return cash/ cheque payment to your teacher (in an envelope which can be found on site) Please put your swimmers names on the back. Payment by BACS also now possible, see your rebooking email for details.

Request to Change
PoolSchools allocate existing swimmer a time and day to swim.
If this is not suitable:- complete a request to change form (found on site) and return it with payment (RTC).
The RTC forms are addressed collectively to ensure we can meet as many requests as possible

20th November The New Starters waiting list opens

6th January Start of Term

Should you need to contact us please do so via