About Pool Schools

PoolSchools deliver the Aqua Quacks swim scheme, developing swimmer’s confidence and technique in all four major strokes, building essential water skills.

The scheme develops skills and technique ; Swimmers progress when their teacher assesses their ability to be sufficient to progress to the next level.

The Aqua Quacks scheme is based on competency only, age and distance do not influence progression

Techniques developed during the initial, fundamental and progressive phases are the building blocks upon which we improve strokes, style and stamina.

The PoolSchools swim scheme includes:

Free pre swimming assessment for all swimmer over 4 year
• 10/11 teaching weeks
• High teacher ratios
o Fundeimental classes F1 2 3 & 4 1 teacher to 3 swimmers
o Progression Classes P 1 2 3 4 1 teacher to 7/8 swimmers
o Progression Classes P 5 6 7 1 teacher to 8/9
o Gulls club 1 teacher to 12 swimmers
• End of term Fun Splash
• Existing swimmers enjoy priority rebooking
• Existing swimmer are offerd pre payment discounts
• Exisitng swimmers Sibling priority booking
• Free progression charts badges and stickers
• On line Parent portal to view progress
• FREE Catch up clinics

Classes & Course Expectations

Our 12 week program developes techniques and key skills. All major elements of the scheme are covered on two or more occasion in a term.
Progression through the levels will always be based on abililty. We do not consider age or the time a swimmer has spent in a class when considering if they are ready to progress to the next level.

Class Class Size Teacher Ratio How long will you stay in this class Key Teaching Objective
Parent & Child
6-18 months
4/6/8  subject to venue This is age specific swimmer progress in the term they are 18month old To develop water confidence and
have fun
Parent & Child
18-24 months
4/6/8  subject to venue This is age specific swimmer progress in the term they are 24 month old Independent movement
Parent & Child
Puddle Ducks
24 – 36 months
4/6/8/10 subject to venue This is age specific swimmer progress in the term they are 36  month old Happy to enter the water.
Swim/move around the pool
independent of a parent
(Using swim aids)
Parent & Child
36 – 48 months
4/6/8/10 subject to venue When a swimmer is 4 or they have comeplted and can demonstrate the Key teaching objectives Enter pool safely.
Exit pool on their own safely.
Listen to the teacher.
Concentrate for 30 mins.
F1 Fledgling
Swim Aids
6 with 2 teachers in water 1 term is average Get in /out of the pool safely.
Listen to the teacher .
Concentrate for 30 min.
Without an adult.
F2 Chick
Swim Aids
6 with 2 teachers in the water 1 term is average Free  movement in the water
Swim Aids
7 with 2 teachers in the water 1 term is average Single Skills …….Submersion / Float / generally confident in water
F4 Gosling
Swim Aids
7 with 2 teachers in the water 1-2 terms is average Combined Skills Push & Glide with breath control and kicking.
Independent breathing
Swim unaided for 3-5m
Combine skills in shallow and deep water
P1 Puffin
Swim Aids
7 students to one teacher 2 terms is average Good body position and head position when swimming
P2 Pelican 8 students to one teacher 2-3 terms is average Effective Legs on all strokes and maintain good body position
P3 Stork 8 students to one teacher 2-3 terms is average Combine effective leg kicks and some full arm movements
P4 Heron 8 students to one teacher 2-3 terms is average Combine breathing into strokes
P5 Flamingo 8 students to one teacher 2 terms is average Effective techniques for all strokes
P6 Eagle 9 students to one teacher 2-3 terms is average Effective timing
P7 Albatross 9 students to one teacher 3 terms progress to Gulls is by invitation subject to completing a 22 length non stop swim trial Introduce efficiency into the strokes and increase distance and stamina
Gulls 10+ in 2 lanes with one teacher  3 terms To compelte a mile swim in under 45 min combining all 4 major strokes
Adult Non-swimmers 4 students to one teacher N/A Build confidence in water
Float with aids, move around the water
Adult Beginners 4 students to one teacher N/A Build confidence, Float , simple swimming and breath techniques
Adult Improvers 6 students to one teacher N/A Swim 10m or more with correct technique for one stroke
Introduce other strokes
Adult Intermediate 6 students to one teacher N/A Swim 25m in 2 or more strokes
Adult Advanced 12 in 2 lanes with one teacher N/A Personally defined objective
Swim Fit 6 in one lane with one teacher N/A Personally defined objective

Awards and Recognition

AquaSong and AquaIntro

Swimmer progress based on age not achievement therefore we do not present swimmer with any specific rewards.

F1- P7

Progress charts are issued to all swimmers. When a swimmer moves up to the next level they can go to reception and will be awarded a sticker for their chart and a swimming badge for the level completed. We no longer routinely give out swim awards for children that are not moving up to the next level however if you feel your child’s motivation will be improved with a Swimmers Achievements Award, this can be requested from reception when badges are awarded in the 3rd and 4th week of the following term.


On achieving the mile swim we will award the Gulls hoodie.


Adults record their own progress on an objective card issued when they start to swim.

Pool Etiquette

Please be on time for lessons and allow time for changing so you are on pool side for the start of the lesson. Classes run to a curriculum and late entrants disrupt the lesson for all swimmers therefore: swimmers who are late more than ten minutes will only be allowed to join a class at the discretion of the teacher. Swimmers will not be allowed to join a lesson fifteen minutes after the start of the lesson as this is disruptive to other swimmers and the main teaching point will have been covered.

Teachers have name plates on the wall and swimmers should sit under their teachers name before the start of a lesson ready for registration.

Parents should return to the viewing area as soon as possible. No outside footwear is allowed poolside.

Cameras are not allowed in the pool area and taking of any pictures is forbidden.

Important Information regarding PoolSchools Terms and Conditions

Moving classes

Swimmers who have completed over 85 % of the course at the end of a term will move up to the next level at the end of term. Swimmer do NOT move during a course even if they pass 85% during the course

Occasionally children who attend a crash course or swim while on holiday may progress independently of their lessons. We will consider moving children during weeks 1 & 2 of the new term. We do not move children after week three of the term as this is very disruptive to the class structure.

Children in Parent and Child class can move up to an F1 class at anytime during a term, provided that places are available and they have completed the course to the satisfaction of their teacher.

Rebooking Process for Existing Swimmers


When Who What We Do What you Do
Week 8 Existing Swimmer Issue email offering time and class for next term Watch out for the email from the PoolSchools booking system and when received confirm your place with payment at reception at your next lesson. Email from “CoursePro”
Week 11 Existing Swimmer  Confirm bookings You must rebook before week 11 to secure your place
Any place not confirmed by payment by week 11 will be offered to the waiting list. If you need a change of time fill in request to change form at reception.
Week 11 Existing Swimmer Consider parents requests to change  Wait to be contacted
 Week 11 Existing Swimmers Contact siblings of existing swimmers who are on the waiting list Please pay for places offered to siblings within 7 days to secure place.
After the end of term  Waiting List We offer places to people on the waiting list  New swimmers are offered places on a first response basis

Request to Change a class

We appreciate some classes may not be suitable or your family schedule has changed and you may need to change the time of the class offered for the new term.

If you need to request a change of time or day, you must first must book and confirm with payment the place that has been offered. Then complete a request to change form available at reception. On receipt of payment and the request to change form PoolSchools will contact you and discuss available options.

In the first two weeks of term a few places do become free and some options can be considered. In this instance leave a request at reception or call 0845 604 2476 to request a change at the beginning of the term. Due to lack of availability and a dedicated curriculum it is extremely rare for changes to be made once the term has started.

Cancellation of Lessons

Cancellation and alterations to terms dates and classes. In the event that the host venue/school swimming pool requires a change to the arrangements with PoolSchools which affects a class or course which results in a class being changed, PoolSchools will inform all those attending the course of the change. PoolSchools lists in the published timetable “SPARE” dates. PoolSchools will rearrange lost dates to the nearest SPARE DATE shown or attempt to reschedule the class during half term or place an additional session at the end of the course. PoolSchools do not issue refunds in the event that swimmers are unable to attend a rescheduled session that has been published as SPARE DATE.  In the event that a class cannot be rescheduled your account will be credited equal to one swimming lesson redeemable against future lessons or paid as a refund at the end of term. In the event of a significant closure spanning more than one week PoolSchools will make separate arrangements transferring fees to the next planned course or run an additional set of lessons.


Full refunds are only issued if a place is cancelled before the start of term.

Cancellations up to week two receive a 75% refund . Should you be unable to attend any individual sessions refunds or credits are not issued. 

Refunds are not issued after week three of a course.

Credits may be issued for swimmers who are medically unfit to swim. A credit is issued against a future course. The value of a credit is the number of remaining weeks in a term  less one lesson.

Pool Rules

NO Running

NO Photography

NO food pool side

All drinks must be in covered containers and drinks bottles.

Swim hats are compulsory

Shower before swimming

Children cannot be left unsupervised during swimming lessons

Children over 8 should use the appropriate changing room.

Children under 8 should be accompanied in the changing room. (Use the changing room suitable for the supervising adult)

Suitable bathing costumes must be worn. Ideally girls should wear 1 piece . NO baggy shorts or underwear can be worn.

Avoid Cramps and illness don’t eat or consume fizzy drinks before swimming