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Rebooking for Jan 2018

Thank you for swimming with PoolSchools Reigate this term.

Please be aware that rebooking for January 2018 is about to start.

This week you should receive your automated email, which identifies the class you have been allocated for the new term.

To ensure you secure the place offered please submit payment by the 26th November

Anyone requesting a change of time/day will be dealt with from the 27th November

How to rebook
Termly payers must confirm with payment by BACS or with a cash/cheque “PoolSchools”.
Payers by Annual payment your places are guaranteed. No action is required.
Request to Change classes “RTC” form
Pick up an RTC form from the desk and return it with payment before 26th November

3rd January Start of term

Should you need to contact us please do so via http://www.poolschools.co.uk/contact-us-today/

Website update

PoolSchools Website

We recently had to move the PoolSchools website to a different service provider/host. Unfortunately in this process the appearance of the calendar has changed and we cannot seem to get it back. The dates do remain correct but it is slightly different and not as easy to see some class activity. We are sorry about this and we are aware of it. We are in the process of having a whole new website which should be launched in Dec 2017 – this will hopefully, offer a clearer and easier way of accessing PoolSchools information. 

Thank you for .your patience.

Short course

Teacher Training Short Course at Dunottar School Reigate

 The ASA/ Swim England Teacher Training Course 

(Delivered by trainee swim teachers)

Saturday 18th November
Saturday 25th November
Saturday 2nd December

Three x 1 hour sessions (For children ages 4+) – £10 only

Held at Dunottar School Pool

To join, please contact us for more information – here

Course update

Crash course at Reigate Grammar 

This half term we are offering our PoolSchools 3 day crash course. Held at the Reigate Grammar School on 25th-27th October.

30 min lessons – 3 days – £30.00

Please contact via the Contact us page to book!


PoolSchools have traditionally issued badges during weeks 3/4 & 5 .

This is changing.  Badges will now be issued week 8 and 9  each term . We will send out reminders and put up posters.

ask at reception or your teacher for the badges

Term Times

"SPARE"   A "SPARE " date is shown in the  timetable and should be considered part of  period when lessons may be held . From time to time it is necessary to change a planned  lessons during a term . On these occasions lessons will be moved to the SPARE date.  When a date is moved to the SPARE  during a term we consider the term/lesson as being available and supplied.  Credits are only issued when we are not able to rescheduled a lost session into a SPARE date.


Course Adult/Junior Duration Price
All Junior Standards 30 min Group lessons F1- P7 Junior Group Classes 30 min £106 - £112 FROM APRIL 2017
Gulls 11 weeks 45/ 60 Gulls Club 60 mins £111 - £120 FROM APRIL 2017
Adult Beginners & Improvers 11 Weeks Adults 30 minutes £106 - £112 FROM APRIL 2017
F1- P5 - 3 day Crash Course Junior 45 mins per day £50.00
All Levels - 5 week Short Course Reigate Grammar Junior Junior 30 minutes £50.00
All Levels - 5 week Private Lesson 1:2:1 Adult/Junior 30 minutes 1 2 1 £150.00 £30 per lesson
Private lessons 1 2 2 Adult / Juniors 30 min £200 for 5 weeks £40 per lesson

Courses Available

Course information coming soon!

Google Maps / Directions

Please park in the school car park. Drive through the gates and follow the drive round to the left and park in the spaces available. Walk to the main schools buildings and follow signs to the pool. There is disabled access suitable for buggies and young children.  

Dunottar School
High Trees Road

Photo Venue

IMG_0010 booking-logo IMG_0276

Local Rules

  • No mobile phones or cameras in the pool hall.
  • Please remove outdoor shoes before entering the poolside.
  • Swimmers should wear swim hats. Goggles are optional but are recommended.
  • Girls should wear one piece swim suits.
  • Boys no long baggy trunks please.
  • Please arrive promptly for lessons.
  • Do not enter the pool if you have consumed food 30 minutes prior to swimming.
  • Please respect the gender designation of changing rooms

Parent Portal

Click the link below for the Parent Portal. The parent portal allows you monitor your child’s progress and check the competency chart to see what skills they will learn this term. The parent portal will also display the class level, teacher and time of lesson.
To register you will need to follow the online registration process and the information you enter must match the information you have already provided to PoolSchools. If any of your details have changed or you wish to resubmit your information please send the following details to us at info@poolschools.co.uk

  • Swimmer: Full Name
  • Swimmer: Date of Birth
  • Swimmer: Post code
  • Main contact: Email address
Parent Portal