St.Ebba’s Epsom

PoolSchools  apologise for the cancellation of the lesson.

We no longer offer classes at St Ebba’s 

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PoolSchools have ceased lesson at Epsom 

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Google Maps / Directions

Oasis Therapy Suite at St Ebba's
Hook Rd, Epsom KT19 8QJ. The site can be a little tricky to find please see below:

Photo Venue

ebbas ebbas1 st-ebbas-map

Local Rules

  • No mobile phones or cameras in the pool hall.
  • Please remove outdoor shoes before entering the pool hall.
  • All infant swimmers must wear a pool suitable aqua nappy PLUS a Happy Nappy over the top.
  • We request swimmers from 2yrs to wear swim hats - Goggles are optional
  • Please arrive promptly for lessons
  • Do not enter the pool if you have consumed food 30 minutes prior to swimming.

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