PoolSchools no longer offers swimming lessons at Warlingham School.

We offer swimming lessons for Adults, Children and Parent and child classes in Reigate and Oxted and Slinfold Horsham

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What we offer:


Adult lessons in Reigate   Monday Wednesday Friday

Childrens group lessons   Monday Wednesday Friday Satruday Sunday

Oxted Hazelwood School 

Adult lessons  Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Childrens group lessons   Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Saturday

Cancelled Adult Swimming Lessons

We apologise but PoolSchools will not  be offering swimming lessons at Warlingham in Autumn.

Swimming Lessons are available at our Pools in Reigate and at Hazelwood School Oxted from January 2014

Cancelled Aqua Aerobics Classes Warlingham

 Aqua Aerobics Classes run Wednesday evening @ Reigate Grammar School

Term Times

We offer swimming lessons for Adults, Children and Parent and child classes in Reigate and Oxted please check those venue pages for dates of classes


Prices coming soon!

Courses Available

At Warlingham we currently only operate in the evening and therefore offer a full range of adult lessons and Aqua Areobics including:

  • All levels of term based Adult from beginner, intermerdiary to advanced classes
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Swim Fit
  • Private lessons

Google Maps / Directions

There is car parking available on site at the front of the school and also around the side of the school closer to the sports hall. The swimming pool is located at the back of the school next to the sports hall.

Warlingham School,
Tithepit Shaw Lane,
Surrey CR6 9YB

Photo Venue

Warlingam School

Local Rules

  • No mobile phones or cameras in the pool hall please.
  • Please remove outdoor shoes before entering the pool hall.
  • Swimmers should wear swim hats. Goggles if preferred.
  • Girls should wear one piece swim suits.
  • Boys no long baggy trunks please.
  • Please arrive promptly for lessons.
  • Do not enter the pool if you have consumed food 30 minutes prior to swimming.
  • Please respect the gender designation of changing rooms

Parent Portal

Click the link below for the Parent Portal. The parent portal allows you monitor your child’s progress and check the competency chart to see what skills they will learn this term. The parent portal will also display the class level, teacher and time of lesson.
To register you will need to follow the online registration process and the information you enter must match the information you have already provided to PoolSchools. If any of your details have changed or you wish to resubmit your information please send the following details to us at info@poolschools.co.uk

  • Swimmer: Full Name
  • Swimmer: Date of Birth
  • Swimmer: Post code
  • Main contact: Email address
Parent Portal