Swimming with the family is a great way to have fun and further form a positive relationship with the water!

This could be at the local leisure centre, or on holiday in a different country! Doing fun, family swimming with your children is a great way to gain confidence, in addition to your PoolSchools lessons.

Parents often ask teachers… What can we work on when we swim with them next week!?

Depending on the level of your swimmer, this could mean different things… but every swimmer needs… BUBBLES!For those in the FUNdamental classes, (F1 – F4) it is important to practice getting faces in the water and BLOWING BUBBLES (just like how you blow birthday candles out!)It is a common misconception that humans need to hold their breath under water…

How old are you?
7, 14, 28, 56?

Throughout all your time on earth, holding the breath is not something that your body agrees with. In fact, the very reason you are reading this, is because you are breathing, and have done since the start!

Holding the breath sends a swimmer into a more rigid state, perhaps panic sets in, and feeling your cheeks bursting as you break the surface, is not a comfortable way to swim.

Practice blowing bubbles when your face is in the water (exhale) and when your face clears the water, breathe out (exhale).

Practice any time watching TV or in the car. Take a breath and blow slowing for a count of five repeat 5 or 6 times without getting out of breath.

Blowing bubbles helps to keep a more regular stroke, breathing in and out means we can build our endurance too!

This can also be done in the bath! My daughter is two. When we try to exit the bath (tired, wet and ready for bed, and that’s just me!) “1 more bubbles” is often a response that I am met with.

If you are a little further in your swimming journey, blowing bubbles is still vital!

Breathing to the side is a technique that can be tricky to grasp, why not practice in the shower. Getting used to inhaling and exhaling whilst your face is in and around water is a great way to desensitise yourself to water being in our faces!

Blowing bubbles, is one of the first skills we work on in the lessons, and it should be at home too!!

By Alex Rand, Site Supervisor and Senior Swim Teacher for PoolSchools