Dear Swimmers,

We announced in December, that following a large number of requests to make monthly payments, we are moving onto a new Direct Debit system for payments.
This is to streamline the business better and so there is less chasing of payments which we have previously had to do.

Understandably, for a lot of our customers this is different to how we have normally taken payment. We have always required payment in advance of the new term starting, usually by a month or 6 weeks.
By moving to a direct debit payment system we are asking for the first payment to be on 14th Feb, this is so we receive the Feb and March amounts prior to the term beginning in April (not the full amount/ and not in one lump sum as previously asked)

The first Direct Debit payment will be due on 14th February.
All Swimmers rebooking for the next Summer’s term must therefore ensure this payment is set up ready for 14th February Deadline.

Bancroft Standard Term Time Lessons (£27.50) – including Adult Lessons
Bancroft 1hour Term Time Lessons (£31)

To complete your Direct Debit form please follow the link CLICK HERE

Please find the Terms and conditions below. Where you can find the full information about refund policy among other things.

Should you need to contact us please do so via the contact us form on the website.

Many thanks