How long have you been swimming with Pool Schools?                 

  • Almost a year!

What is your favourite stroke?

  • Breaststroke

Why did u choose to start up swimming lessons as an adult?

  • When I was younger, I learnt the basics of front crawl and breaststroke and that was it. I have always enjoyed swimming in the sea or at the pool. Recently, I have started going weekly for a Sunday morning swim as well as swimming more often in the summer with my family. This worsened my shoulder problems because I always breathed on the same side and couldn’t swim that many lengths. I came across Poolschools and realised that an evening swimming session could be a fun chance to improve on my swimming and fitness after work.

What has improved most about your swimming?

  • My Front crawl! I can swim a lot longer and now I no longer hold my breath the whole stroke.
  • I also learnt to swim backstroke and can now swim a length not completely submerged under the water. I am unsure still about butterfly…

What is your favourite part of swimming lessons?

  • Diving off the blocks at the end!