Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about the swimming classes we offer, please take a look through our frequently asked questions. Please scroll down there’s lots to see…

New swimmers at PoolSchools

We like to assess your child before they start, so we can recommend the most appropriate class for your child’s skills in the water.

This is a good opportunity for us to meet you and get to know your child before they start.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer this. We need to place slots one after another.

Yes. The assessments are £10 and we asked that they are paid for prior to the assessment date.

If you have one available, then yes please.

If you don’t have one, don’t panic for the assessment as it’s only a short time.

A hat will be needed for lessons.

No, that is not necessary – the teacher will look after your child and you will be able to watch from the pool side.

Swimming Lessons for Infants (Including Ducks)

An appropriate swimming costume and if they are not toilet trained, they need to wear a swimming nappy. If they are over 2 years old, they will also need a swimming hat.

No, it doesn’t need to be the same adult every week attending the lessons.

Reigate Grammar – foyer area

Dunottar School  – to the left of the entrance

Bancroft School – reception under the stairs

Slinfold Golf & Country Club – the changing rooms

Please don’t leave buggies or prams on the poolside.

There is no need to be able to swim to attend PoolSchools lessons. It is shallow water and there are noodles and floats provided.

For Aqua song and Aqua Intro this will be dependent on their age.

For Ducks this dependent on both age (4 years) and that they pass the four criteria to move up. We may consider moving a child up if they pass all four criteria and have been swimming with us for at least a term.

We welcome all levels at this age, howevr we don’t offer independent lessons until they are four years old and have swum with us before.

With the parent and child classes, we need teaching on a one to one basis.

No, it’s your choice.

Children over two years old need to wear a hat.

It is unlikely your child will be able to stand, and they will be given flotation aids that will build their confidence and independence.

It is your preference, but please ensure it is a wetsuit not a sunsuit. With some swimming outfits we would advise that you extract any additional buoyancy aids that come with the suit.

Unfortunately you pay for the 12 week term and it’s up to you how many of these you attend.

Arm bands do not give the swimmer flexibility of arms. We use body belts that give them the correct body position.

Aquasong- This is a bonding experience for adult and child when the children become familiar with the water, the pool and group learning.

Aqua Intro- Children aged 18-24months:

Swimmers start to develop aquatic skills at this age, a natural progression from the rhythmic learning of AquaSong.

Ducks- (puddle ducks) Swimmers develop individual skills and techniques and confidence.

(Ducklings) Swimmers combine skills and techniques developing listening and concentration in preparation to swim without a parent when aged 4.

With Aquasong and Aqua Intro they must wait until the relevant age for the next class.

Bring 2 towels and your own changing facilities such as changing mats.

We will contact you to see if you wish to rebook.

It does not matter you cannot swim as the infant classes are held where you can stand up, However you do have to be happy and confident in the water and advise the teacher you are a non swimmer.

Fundamentals – Scheme

Fundamental classes use noodles to support swimmers. This does not restrict the development of a swimmer. Noodles are used through the swim program up to a P4.

On average 7 terms to complete all 4 levels, this does vary subject to each swimmer.

The individual should be able to be relaxed when floating on their back, with ears in the water.

The child should be comfortable moving around the pool, listening to the teacher and happy putting face in the water and blowing bubbles.

The individual should be able to do a push and glide on their front and back confidently without a noodle.

The child should be comfortable in deep water. They also should be able to swim 5m front and back unaided, confidently and with controlled breathing.

You can log on to parent portal and check the percentage for your child and if they have passed the required criteria. Progression and movers get completed in about week 7 of a term, and you will receive an email about whether your child has moved up.

Your child can swim unaccompanied from 4.

The time it takes to progress and swim without a noodle varies and depends on the individual. However, we hope a child would be confident enough to swim without a noodle and progress from F classes with 9 terms.

They will need an assessment to be put into the appropriate ability class.

Lesson Specific – Before / After

They will start in an F1 non-swimmer class.

If your child is ill do not bring them to swimming.

Invites to the catch up clinic are issued by the teacher.

An appropriate swim costume/shorts and swimming hat.

Yes, but this is optional.

Yes all children wear a swimming hat.

Lesson Specific – During

This helps with their body position – making them more horizontal in the water.

This also gives another element to the safety of your child.

We can only use equipment provided by PoolSchools for insurance reasons.

We do not use arm bands as we are looking for a horizontal body position in the water, rather than arms out like an aeroplane.

Yes, If your child needs to wear a nappy still then yes please.

Unfortunately we do not sell these.

Please ensure these are disposed of appropriately.

If your child has been booked into an infant/ parent and child class then yes you will need to get in with them.

The teacher will award Star of the Week to the swimmer demonstrating the most effort and achievement for concentration or listening not just being the best swimmer.

Star of the week is awarded sometimes by the teacher for one specific thing and not necessarily for who performed best across the whole lesson. The teacher is watching the full class rather than individuals so they will see things that we haven’t.

To gain water confidence when in deep water.

Jumping in the shallow or deep will make no difference. If they can’t swim they can’t swim either end.

AS they grow independently we encourage them to return to the side independently so that they learn some water safety.

We work our way up to the deep end and don’t focus on jumping every week. Some skills are best practiced in the shallow end first.

Introduction to deep end in safe and fun manner.

There is an assistant in the water to help keep the momentum of the class and ensure your child gets more swim time. (reduces ratios of swimmer to teacher in the pool)

The teacher feels the child is now confident enough in the water without the belt and that they are confident enough to use the noodle properly.

We tried it last week – they may need a little longer.

This can also depend on the content of the lesson that week.

To make it fun and engaging for the swimmers.

Yes, as long as you don’t leave the building (and your child knows where you will be).

Some children are told “Not to go with strangers or not to go near water” When children start lessons we are asking them to do both or it is the first time a swimmer has done something without a parent. There may be some period of settling – we give the child time to settle usually 3-4 weeks parent should not worry and try to sit calmly at the side.

This will vary depending on the ability of your child.

Anywhere between 6-9 at the maximums.


At P1 and P2 swimmers are working on getting a good body position and effective leg kick. The purpose of not introducing arms at these stages is to allow swimmers to not be overwhelmed.

P1 – no arms are used, working on body position over short distances.

P2 – still no arms ensuring that effective legs are being used over short distances

P3 – introduction of arms in conjunction with body position and legs

P4 – introduction of breathing

P5 – working on timing

P6 – bringing all parts together over longer distances

P7 – efficiency and effective

The golf score is a measure of a swimmers efficiency, the stroke count and time in seconds for a set distance is taken and the numbers are added together. We generally do this over four lengths and then divide the score by 4 to get this for one length. The lower the score the greater the swimmer efficiency.

It may be due to swimming consistently in deeper water without holding on to the side. Some children can swim happily where they can put their feet down however their body position can alter when they move to deeper water.

On average we say 3 terms per level however some children may take longer or shorter than this. Contributing factors can be concentration, illness or holidays.

One mile is the equivalent to 64 lengths.

Butterfly is there to help them to be a better all-round swimmer and potentially if they want to become a competitive swimmer it can aid with them from a competitive stand point.


Please consult your doctor and let us know what they advise, do let us know if your condition changes.

Please consult your doctor and let us know what they advise, do let us know if your condition changes.

Unfortunately not, we have to see your mouth, you can purchase appropriate headwear for swimming,

Sorry no not for term time lessons.

No we use a self-assessment criteria

If you are in a beginner class there will be a teacher in the water, with the other classes it is subject to the discretion of the teacher.

No we provide everything you need.

This will depend on the level you started at and the frequency of swimming. All individuals progress at different rates.

Varies within ability groups.

Non Swimmers – 2:1

Beginners – 4:1

Improvers – 4:1

Intermediates – 6:1

Advanced – 10:1 (max) (5 to a lane)

Admin – Rebooking

Rebooking will start at about week 8 of the term.

You will then have about two-three weeks to rebook.

This will depend on site/ class type

(See table on website)

If you have three swimmers swimming, fourth swimmer goes free.

You will receive a rebooking email.

To confirm that place you will need to pay before the rebooking deadline.

Payment is not displayed on the parent portal. The parent portal says you have reserved classes. You will receive a rebooking email confirming what you need to pay,

Once the rebooking deadline has passed they your space is no longer safe – it may be offered to someone who has paid and submitted a request to change.

You are unable to pay via the website.

You can pay via bacs – this is a transfer from your personal internet banking to ours.

This is specific for each site/ each term.

See rebooking notifications.

We do not offer card transactions as payment option.

We ask you to commit to the space offered so that this confirms you a space. Then after the deadline we romve all unpaid swimmers we can call to discuss the full options available. Obviously if you are unable to change, if you cancel pre the start of term you will receive a full refund.

Each child is assessed in the last classes of term and at the time of rebooking you will automatically be sent the class suitable for your child’s ability. Most children spend several terms at each level. Please see Our Approach for details of class ability.

We can put your child on the waiting list to return – for the class type they have left as.

Rebooking emails are an automated email that comes through from our booking system. Please check we have the correct email address.

When we do the rebooking process each term, we redo the timetables, redoing the classes based on ability. We try to keep people at as similar to their current time as possible. We try to move the minority number of swimmers from a class rather than the minority. Because we have 12 levels this may be within a two hour window.

All swimmers who move more than one hour are contacted to discuss this.

Yes we can put your child on the waiting list to start.

Will they need assessing first – if so book this?

Then we will contact them as a priority on the waiting list as they are an existing sibling.

We don’t do that… because doing it manually allows us to allocate more people at the times they required (trying to take into account sibs, current swim times etc)

This is a more personal approach to rebooking.

Term dates for next term can be found… on the board… on the website.

Please can you confirm how and when you paid and we will look into this for you?

We don’t do any movers passed week three so we do not disrupt the swimmers in the classes. (consistency and standardisation)


You will receive a 75% credit or refund less £25 admin fee

We try to encourage children to relax and learn the routine, so we would suggest you keep trying.  If you wish to leave prior to week 3 you can receive a 75% refund or credit for the following term.

We try to encourage children to relax and learn the routine, so we would suggest you keep trying.  If you wish to leave prior to week 3 you can receive a 75% refund or credit for the following term.

By cheque. Please ensure your name and address is up to date on our system. (Especially if you have a different surname to your child).

You may be entitled to a refund. You need to let us know when you are leaving and when you have cancelled your standing order payment. We will then notify you of the refund amount less £25 admin fee.

You may be entitled to refund please get in touch for details.

We build spare dates in to the term to accommodate unscheduled pool closure to fulfill our full term. We do not offer refunds for these sessions.

Private Lessons

£130 for 5 week block – 30 minutes

You can swap a swimmer but no we can’t change/cancel them.

Children under 6 years rarely benefit from private lessons as they struggle to concentrate and find a solo 30 minute lesson too tiring. Children aged between 4-6 progress better in a small peer group.

During your private lessons you are continually assessed, once you have completed the block you can be advised of a suitable group lesson, or rebook another block of 5 sessions – Subject to availability.


The whole term is about fun splash really.

Through the term we are teaching them to be safe in the water.. This is important for when you go swimming as a family?

Mainly because most pupils are not around and classes are therefore not viable.

On occasion we might have to swim through half term – to fit the full term in.

Teachers leave for a variety of reasons – this is not for us to say.

We try where possible to keep consistency – however, this is not always possible.