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Swimming Lessons in Esher

PoolSchools has been teaching for nearly 20 years, having opened its first pool in Essex.  We proudly work in partnership with 12 pools, across Essex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, offering lessons to over 3000 swimmers, including support for the school curriculum in state schools. Recently, we’ve welcomed New Beacon and Walthamstow Hall in Sevenoaks, along with Caterham School in Essex, into the PoolSchools portfolio.

We are delighted to have several pools that can cater for the residents of Surrey, including Linden Bridge School, Epsom College and the Summer outdoor pools at Esher Church School and St. Joesph’s Epsom. The pools boast excellent facilities with convenient changing facilities, easy access, poolside seating and onsite free parking. We offer a variety of lessons catering to different age groups, including Parent and Child, children, adults and private sessions.(Check availability for seasonal pools).

Our dedicated local teachers are all trained to SEQ/STA level 2 with enhanced DBS certificates. They undergo continuous training to ensure they build confident swimmers and deliver consistently engaging lessons.

Following the AquaQuack swim scheme, safety is our top priority. The ideal way to start lessons would be with you in the water with your swimmer in Parent and Child classes, but we understand children are ready at different times. This is why we also have teachers in the water for all our FUNdamental stages (F1-F4), giving parents and guardians the reassurance their swimmers will be safe during their lessons. Additionally, small class sizes are maintained throughout the scheme to ensure swimmers are safe and have plenty of time to practise the skills they are learning. A ratio of 1:3 or 4, is maintained in all Fundamental classes, with a maximum of 8 swimmers per Progression level (P1-P7).

FUNdamental classes – swimmers develop confidence and learn basic skills to travel through the water.
Progression classes – swimmers learn to integrate skills and new techniques, gradually increase the distance they swim.

Do not worry if you have started your swimmer’s aquatic journey elsewhere. However swim schemes vary between schools, we offer assessments to child swimmers over 4 years old who have swimming experience without parents or some water skills, to see where they would fit in our scheme. This allows swimmers to fit into our scheme at their relevant level utilising their current swimming ability. You will be offered an assessment slot where we have availability. (Please be aware that after an assessment we may not have a space at a suitable time for you).

It is never too late to learn to swim! Adult swimming lessons are available across PoolSchools venues. Whether you are anxious of the water or just looking to improve your strokes we have classes for you. We offer group adult classes providing a fun and friendly environment to learn a life skill and meet new people regardless of your age.

At PoolSchools we care about all individuals access to swimming lessons. At some of our venues we offer 121 lessons for individuals with additional needs, at a discounted rate to make them accessible for all.

We offer a 10 week course for children and adults.

Published for the current term
Children and Adults First Term Upfront Fee from £140

About Esher

Esher exudes an irresistible charm that captivates visitors and residents alike. With its quaint streets lined with historic buildings and leafy avenues, this town effortlessly combines the calmness of rural life with the convenience of urban amenities. Esher’s rich heritage is evident in its architecture, from the medieval parish church of St. George to the elegant Georgian facades that adorn its high street. Beyond its architectural splendour, Esher is also renowned for its vibrant community spirit, with local festivals and events fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among its residents.

Beyond its traditional allure, Esher boasts a plethora of recreational opportunities that cater to diverse tastes. Nature enthusiasts can explore the verdant expanses of Esher Commons, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, while sports enthusiasts can indulge in a game of golf at the prestigious Sandown Park Golf Club. For those seeking cultural enrichment, the renowned Claremont Landscape Garden offers a serene retreat amidst landscaped grounds and historic features. With its blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and community warmth, Esher stands as a quintessential English town, inviting visitors to experience its timeless allure first-hand.

About PoolSchools

In the realm of aquatic education, few companies shine as brightly as PoolSchools. Renowned for its commitment to excellent, engaging teaching, PoolSchools has emerged as a leading provider of swimming instruction, lifeguard training, and crash course sessions. With a mission to empower individuals of all ages with essential water skills, PoolSchools has established itself as a beacon of aquatic proficiency…

Why PoolSchools

We have themed lessons that engage our swimmers from a young age, teaching through Fun is crucial so that the swimmer engages in the class, enjoys attending and progresses.

We use an online Portal, so that teachers can record attendance and progress, as well as allowing our parents to see what their swimmer is working towards and achieving during their lessons.

Our fully qualified Level 2 teachers are all passionate about swimming. In the Ducks and Fundamental (F) classes, teachers and assistant teachers are in the water providing reassurance and guidance!

At PoolSchools we recognise our swimmers progress. We award Star of the Week to a swimmer, during each class for progress, effort or engagement. We reward achievement with certificates when they complete a level. (Badges are available for purchase).

Our small class sizes allow for increased repetition, practice, individual feedback and tuition. Teaching ratios start at 3:1. Class sizes will vary from venue to venue depending on the pool space that we have available. We will not have more than 8 swimmers per class.

PoolSchools follows the AquaQuacks swim scheme which focuses on the importance of learning technique not distance. The distance a swimmer travels will naturally increase following correct and effective technique.

Pre-Schools Swimmers at PoolSchools

Pre-School sessions are called Parent and Child Classes or Ducks…

We recommend starting your children’s aquatic journey in our Parent and Child classes, ideally before they reach 4 years of age. Following this milestone, children progress to lessons conducted without parental supervision.

Recognizing the paramount importance of water safety for their offspring, parents naturally understand the necessity of introducing their children to swimming from an early age. Swimming, being a fundamental life skill, It is never too early to start . Sadly PoolSchools do not offer Aquatic sessions for infants (under 2s).

PoolSchools sessions engage the swimmer and adult in activities with your child which will be immensely gratifying, enjoyable, and occasionally challenging. Entering a new environment the children can be anxious. With your support their confidence will grow…. this will need your patience and persistence .

Our Parent and Child lessons, known as “DUCKS” classes, are for children aged 2-4 years*, and focus on nurturing children’s confidence and motor skills. Through themed activities and games, young swimmers gradually gain independence, reducing reliance on parental assistance. Repetition and familiarity foster confidence in both children and parents, empowering the former to participate autonomously as they transition to Fledgling classes.

Swimming is a life skill. Most people only swim on holiday so ensure you and your children have the basic skills ; are save; and have loads of fun.

 At PoolSchools, our Parent and Child (Ducks), F1, and F2 classes incorporate the use of body belts. These belts offer support to swimmers, aiding them to maintain optimal body positioning during lessons allowing full arm mobility for various activities while ensuring their safety. Moreover, the body belts feature adjustable floats, enabling tailored support as swimmers advance, facilitating natural body alignment. Conversely, the use of armbands is not permitted due to their tendency to promote a vertical posture and limit arm movement. Parents can purchase the body belts from the shop or online.

We often get asked why we don’t have Infant(0-24 months) sessions .

The main reason is the pools we use heat their water to a “Swimmer temperature” – 27-29 degrees, suitable for someone constantly moving in the water. Babies/Infants don’t tend to move continuously which ensures they stay warm enough.

This requires a certain level of ability to take instruction, from the Early Years learning research reaffirms this level of required instruction taking comes to children at around 3 years old. While we do accept swimmers from 24 month priority is given to swimmers over 36 months. Sadly some pools are unsuitable for young children (See each pool for details).

In the Parent and Child sessions, parents, or guardians assume the role of one-on-one assistants for their children. This arrangement offers familiar support in the water, especially beneficial for young ones adjusting to the structure of swimming lessons and grappling with attention spans. Active parental involvement is encouraged during Ducks classes to reinforce instruction provided by the teacher, distinguishing these sessions as introductory steps towards a structured swim program rather than casual family leisure swimming.

Instructors impart vital skills such as pool entry and exit techniques, emphasizing the role of parental assistance without overtly supporting the swimmer, practices parents can use during family leisure swimming. Consistently remembering to “BLOW BUBBLES” reinforces foundational swimming habits.

Upon reaching 4 years of age, children advance to the F1 Fledglings class, without their adult, with small classes of  6 swimmers per session supervised by two PoolSchools team members. Parents are reminded to equip their children with essential gear including body belts and hats. (And goggles if desired).

At PoolSchools we encourage children to remain on top of the water moving effectively on top of the water – not under it. While it is fun to go under the water, learning safety techniques and building confidence is really important. We actively encourage water play and leisure swimming for all ages, and recommend at least 5 minuets of practicing what the swimmer has learnt in lessons every time you visit the pool.  The sea is not the place to practice your early years swimming. Enjoy your time in the water?

We hope this helps answer any questions you may have about starting your time with PoolSchools.

Swimmer lessons for pre school children


Esher Church School

Esher Church School

Milbourne Lane
KT10 9DU

Lesson Times
10 week Summer Term Course ONLY
4th May – 13th July

Saturday 8.30am – 11.30am

Contact the PoolSchools team

We aim to respond to all contacts within 48 hours, but sometimes teaching commitments can extend the response time. We apologise if this is the case and we appreciate your patience.

For existing swimmers quoting their Swimmer’s Unique Identification Number (found on the booking email) means we can find your account quicker.

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