We wish to assure all our swimmers it is our intention to honor our commitments. Unfortunately, due to the status of our business, hiring and not owning pools we are not eligible for any of the state funding grants and only some loans. To that end we ask for your cooperation and understanding in respect to the processes we will introduce to replace cancelled lessons and prepayments.

Our objective remains to teach children to swim, delivering a viable class program as soon as possible from September or January.

When we resume it is likely we will have to stagger lessons and therefore we are unlikely to meet all our commitments immediately with that in mind we are planning to meet these commitments over the next year.

• We hope all swimmers will resume swimming in 2020/2021.
• We will establish a viable and continuous lessons program as soon as possible.
• Advance payments will be credited to a swimmer’s accounts.
• We regret we will not be able to offer individual or bulk refunds until normal business resumes. We will replace the sessions lost on March 2020 with alternative session or activity the value of the lessons cancelled in March 2020 varies swimmer by swimmer. Due to discounts, FREE lessons and variation in the number cancelled the value varies from £0 (no cash value) to £27 per swimmer (average £15). We hope all our swimmers will understand that with the variation in value , and nature of lessons lost and range of options we propose to offer when we return to swimming that we will not be able to issue refunds for the lost sessions. If we are unable to replace lessons lost in March 2020 due to the Coronavirus by July 2021 we ultimately, and with regret, will apply our terms and conditions and force majeure to this element of the lesson program.

In the event a swimmer does not return before June 2021 refunds for advance payments will be calculated and issued in July 2021.