Thank you to all swimmers who have  continued lessons with PoolSchools. As a small business over the next few months we will depend upon your collective support to re-establish and deliver swimming lessons

Return to swimming PoolSchools appreciation reward.

A BIG thank you to all swimmers that have not cancelled lessons. You will receive lesson for up to 5 years at the same price. That is a 5-year price freeze.

Swimmer who cancelled lessons are not eligible.  Former swimmer wishing to return will make an application via the NEW Swimmers enquiry form CLICK HERE.


Office, admin, and our response:

  • Staff are gradually returning to work from furlough, but the office will not be fully manned until November.
  • We moved office the week of the lockdown and we currently we do not have a phone line. Do not worry – all enquiries should be emailed.

On site:

  • There will be no reception or supervisor. All enquiries should be emailed via the contact page.
  • Covid19 Procedures will be employed to ensure as safe an environment as possible.
    • Small classes
    • Revised teaching methods
    • Cleaners
    • One-way systems
    • NO spectators

Temporary terms and conditions

(Covid 1 & 2 ) these will be sent with you booking emails are on the web site.

For clarity and the avoidance of doubt Policy on credits and refunds 2020 

Swimmers returning in 2020.

  • Postponed lessons from March will be added to Autumn term 2020.
  • Prepayments made in March and/or April have been credited to swimmer’s accounts for Autumn term 2020.
  • Direct debits were STOPPED in April. They will not resume before October

Swimmers who cancelled lessons

  • Under our existing Force Majeure clause which we have invoked for lessons in the Spring term 2020 swimmers who cancelled lesson have lost the right to a credit or refund for the postpones lessons.

Cancellations Policy is unchanged

Payment of refunds

  • Lessons cancelled in Autumn 2020 Spring or Summer 2021 terms; refunds will be paid by August 31st, 2021.
  • Lessons cancelled in Autumn 2021 refunds will be paid by 1st February 2022.
  • The normal refund process with refunds issued at the end of the month incurred will resume January 2022.

We really appreciate you ongoing support and understanding in these challenging times and we hope to see you very soon.