We hope all swimmers, parents and staff are safe and remain well in these difficult times.

PoolSchools’ remains committed to honoring our commitments to all our stakeholder’s, colleagues and friends.
To achieve this, we are planning accordingly.

PoolSchools Summer Program
PoolSchools remain optimistic we will be able to offer several lessons during the summer months and it remains our intention to replace lost lessons like for like at each venue, during July or August.

We also hope to run some additional fun days crash courses and family swims. More on these activities as and when we have information.
Obviously, how, and when we return is subject to each venue and the nature of any social distancing or other measures required by the government which will affect our planning. While we hope to offer the planned activity, this will be subject to change.

In the event we are unable to complete sessions in August we hope to offer alternatives and resume the Family Fun sessions at the end of Spring and Summer terms.

Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021 Term
Autumn presents the best opportunity for a return to a full-time schedule; however, we may have to adjust the times of lessons subject to social distancing measures and the number of people returning.
We appreciate everyone’s circumstances will be different Therefore there will be no restriction as to when a swimmer may resume lessons during the term be that week one or 10. We will be pleased to see you return!

Returning in September:

  • We will be in contact during July and August to discuss class times
  • You are guaranteed a place.
  • You will return in the class level you were to allocate for April (Ducks may move up).
  • Direct debits have stopped.
  • Any Pre-Payments will be credited to your account.
  • The next debit would due in September.

Returning in January:

  • Some Swimmers have already indicated they will not return until January 2021. How are they affected.
  • We will contact you in November regarding classes.
  • You are guaranteed a place.
  • You will return in the level you allocated for April (Duck may move to F1).
  • Pre-Payments will be credited to your account
  • Your first Direct debit will be January 2021.

Thank you for checking our News page we will endure to keep out pages as up-to-date as possible and will email new information out as soon as we can.