PoolSchools are taking a number of measures to ensure the safety of staff swimmers and spectators. In many cases PoolSchools our normal teaching are above and beyond those required under the current guidance.

An introductory video will be sent to all swimmers explaining how we will be proceeding. PLEASE WATCH OUR SAFETY VIDEO – CLICK HERE

However, we are undertaking the following measures:

We have considered the younger swimmer carefully who need more assistance and support in the water and confidence. F2 and F3 classes will not commence until later in the term. Current guidance does not permit teachers to be in the water with the younger, less able swimmers. We will contact F 2 & 3 swimmers as soon as an option is available.

All other levels will a viable including Parent & Child Ducks F1assisted, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, Gulls and adults.

Specific measures:

  • The number of classes have been reduced at Slinfold as follows:
    • Saturday mornings 1 lesson only
    • Thursday and Wednesday lesson will resume later in the term
    • 16 fewer lessons per week
    • Total swimmers per hour has been reduced from 16 to on average 10
    • Lesson time is reduced to 25 min to allow for a change over
  • Swimmers must be in their allotted pre class seating area 5 minutes before the start of a lesson
  • To maintain the integrity of the queue swimmers cannot queue jump if they are late                .
    • if you are late you wait
  • Children who are more than 10 min late will not be admitted as it is essential, we maintain the one-way system
  • Classes are smaller
  • A one-way system of entering and exiting the building will be introduced
  • one-way system will operate in the pool
  • Swimmers will enter and exit the pool at different locations
  • Staff will not be able to assist the children or physically touch the children
    • children will have to put on their own hats and goggles
    • parents will have to fit body belts
  • Teachers we will have different equipment for each class which will be disinfected between groups
  • Certain teaching methods will remove a number of activities
  • Changing facilities will be available at the pool side
  • DO not use the normal changing rooms
  • Only one adult can accompany each swimmer

I hope this goes some way to reassure you.

Many thanks