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Latest News

We are coming back | Here’s the low down to what you have paid for…

Dear Swimmer,

Once again, thank you for your patience with this stop-start year.
We appreciate that it has been difficult to keep up with the payments and outstanding lessons but can now clarify the situation for existing swimmers.
We have identified the number of weeks complete this term and in most cases swimmers have missed three lessons. This includes lessons added back in […]

Rebooking for Dunottar – January 2021!

Dear Swimmer,

We are pleased to be starting the rebooking process for PoolSchools Dunottar this week.

Rebooking begins: Monday 26th October

Each swimmer will receive an automated email identifying the class they have been allocated for the new term

Please check the time carefully as it may have changed. 

Rebooking deadline: Sunday 8th November

Please make sure you have a payment plan ready set up in […]

Welcome back to Dunottar – PLEASE READ OUR COVID UPDATES

PoolSchools are taking a number of measures to ensure the safety of staff swimmers and spectators. In many cases PoolSchools normal teaching methods are above and beyond those required under the current guidance.

An introductory video explaining how we will be proceed. PoolSchools Vimeo account at this link  https://vimeo.com/442656619

F2 and F3 classes will not commence until later in the term. We […]

We are Back! Keeping you safe at Dunottar School…

As we return to the pool at Dunottar School, things are a bit different.

We have created a video to help you understand our new processes and practices. Thanks for watching!

PoolSchools Re-opening Update and Thank you…

Thank you to all swimmers who have  continued lessons with PoolSchools. As a small business over the next few months we will depend upon your collective support to re-establish and deliver swimming lessons

Return to swimming PoolSchools appreciation reward.

A BIG thank you to all swimmers that have not cancelled lessons. You will receive lesson for up to 5 years at the […]

PoolSchools: We are hopeful for the future…

We hope all swimmers, parents and staff are safe and remain well in these difficult times.

PoolSchools’ remains committed to honoring our commitments to all our stakeholder’s, colleagues and friends.
To achieve this, we are planning accordingly.

PoolSchools Summer Program
PoolSchools remain optimistic we will be able to offer several lessons during the summer months and it remains our intention to replace lost lessons […]

PoolSchools Commitment

We wish to assure all our swimmers it is our intention to honor our commitments. Unfortunately, due to the status of our business, hiring and not owning pools we are not eligible for any of the state funding grants and only some loans. To that end we ask for your cooperation and understanding in respect to the processes we will […]

Polite Reminder: Parking update for school

We have been asked by the school to politely remind parents about the parking hazards and issues that sometimes are experienced at Dunottar School. Please do try to park on site. If the car park is full it can be tricky to find a close by space but please can we ask that you do not block entrances or exits […]


Dunottar PoolSchools is located at Dunottar school. It has lovely facilities including a 25-metre indoor pool with changing facilities.

There is free car parking. Please park in the school car park. Drive through the gates and follow the drive round to the right and park in the spaces available. Walk to the main school buildings and follow signs to the pool. There is disabled access suitable for buggies and young children.

We offer swimming lessons on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays at Dunottar School.

The following courses are available at PoolSchools Dunottar School:

  • Ducklings – parent and child
  • All levels of term based classes
  • Short courses
  • All levels of adult lessons
  • Swim Fit
  • Private lessons

How to book

New Swimmer

If you are a new swimmer to PoolSchools please contact us via completing our New Swimmers form on the Contact Us page of the website. We will then contact you with suitable class times and availability. If your child can already swim we will offer you a free 15-minute assessment to allocate the correct class level for your child. If you are an adult swimmer you will be sent a self-assessment chart and then we can give you the availability we have for the level you require.

Existing Swimmers

All of our existing swimmers are automatically rebooked for the following term. Rebooking posters are put up 3 weeks before the end of term and emails are sent out to tell you your swimmers class and time. Please be aware your time is subject to change. You will have a priority rebooking period where your space is saved until payment is made and your place is secured. Once the priority rebooking period has ended the classes will be opened to our waiting lists and new swimmers.  If the class you have been allocated is not suitable you can complete a Request to Change Form – this will now be done online and the link to the form will be sent out to you after the rebooking period has begun.  If you would like to contact us please use the dedicated Existing Swimmers Form on our Contact Us page.


The timetable below shows the up-to-date term dates. These are subject to change and you will be notified by email of any unscheduled closures that occur. Please check the website regularly for updates.

A “SPARE ” date is shown in the timetable and should be considered part of period when lessons may be held. From time to time it is necessary to change planned lessons during a term. On these occasions lessons will be moved to the “SPARE” date. When a date is moved to the “SPARE” date during a term we consider the term/lesson as being available and supplied. Credits are only issued when we are not able to rescheduled a lost session into a “SPARE” date.


Adult/Junior: Term Time lessons
Duration: 30 min
Full Term Price: £130           Direct Debit Price: £30.00

For New swimmers: first term payment is in full, moving onto Direct Debit Payments there after (starting Feb/June/Oct)

Adult/Junior: Term Time lessons
Duration: 45-60 min
Full Term Price: £150           Direct Debit Price: £37.50

For New swimmers: first term payment is in full, moving onto Direct Debit Payments there after (starting Feb/June/Oct)

Adult/Junior: Junior
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: £50.00

Adult/Junior: Adult/Junior
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 1 2 1 £150.00 (block of 5 lessons)

Adult/Junior: Adult/Junior
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: £200 (block of 5 lessons)

Crash Courses vary depending on the nature and length of the course.


  • No mobile phones or cameras in the pool hall.
  • Please remove outdoor shoes before entering the pool hall.
  • Swimmers must wear swim hats Goggles are optional but should be available.
  • Girls should wear one piece swimsuits.
  • Boys no long baggy trunks please.
  • Please arrive promptly for lessons.
  • Do not enter the pool if you have consumed food 30 minutes prior to swimming.
  • Please use the separate entrance to the changing rooms and enter the poolside from the changing rooms.
  • Please respect the gender designation of changing rooms.
  • Adult Changing – PoolSchools are granted access to our sites and pools by a third party. Changing rooms at all locations are communal. Cubicles are not available. Children under the age of 8 (of the opposite gender) may be in your changing room.
    Adults using the changing rooms are requested to consider other bathers and parents supervising young children and adults are requested to consider their behaviour and act accordingly.

Portal Login

Click the link below for the Portal Login. The portal allows you monitor your child’s progress and check the competency chart to see what skills they will learn this term. The parent portal will also display the class level, teacher and time of lesson.

To register you will need to follow the online registration process and the information you enter must match the information you have already provided to PoolSchools. If any of your details have changed or you wish to resubmit your information please send the following details to us via the Contact Page “Existing Swimmer” Tab

  • Swimmer: Full Name
  • Swimmer: Date of Birth
  • Swimmer: Post code
  • Main contact: Email address
Portal Login

How to find the venue

Dunottar School
High Trees Road

Temporary route to get to the pool at Dunottar. Please be aware that Dunottar School are undergoing some extensive building works. With safety in mind, there is a new temporary route that we have been asked to use. Please see the image below. Please note this route includes steps.

Please also remember that we are asked to park on site at Dunottar School!

View on Google Maps

Contact the PoolSchools team

We aim to respond to all contacts within 48 hours, but sometimes teaching commitments can extend the response time. We apologise if this is the case and we appreciate your patience.

We priorities Existing and New swimmers that use our forms below and for existing swimmers quoting their Swimmers Unique Identification Number (found on the booking email) means we can find your account quicker.

Existing Swimmer Enquiry / Info
New Enquiry / Info Request