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Why work for us

There are one hundred reasons we could suggest for why you should work for PoolSchools.

However, we feel this would be best coming from our team. Below are some comments from our staff on why they enjoy working for us, before that, we just want to add, that without our friendly and motivated team around us, we would not be the company we are today. Our teachers are very passionate about what they do and this is reflected in the swimmers that we see go through our programme each day!

Bancrofts School Team Photo
Team Reigate

What does the team have to say about working for PoolSchools

Working for PoolSchools provides a fun, friendly and diverse atmosphere plus provides opportunities to advance on skills to progress throughout the company within different roles, this also means you become part of a strong, supportive, organized and well-trained team who have the best interests of their staff and customers at heart.

I’ve worked as a swimming teacher for nearly 20 years and pool schools is the first time where I have felt like it is a family. The team have a great ethos developing swimmers from within the club to lifeguards and swimming instructors which allows swimmers to progress at all levels. Whether that’s within the themed lessons at the start of their Pool school journey that help to make lessons engaging and educational or the advanced swimming with the Gulls that provides pupils with ongoing stamina and skills required to be competent swimmers. Swimmers are given constructive feedback by the swimming instructors that helps them to progress to their full potential as well as giving parents feedback through the pool school portal which provides progress updates to track progressions within the swimmers stage. (John)

PoolSchools is a friendly place to work, with a group of colleagues who care about their work and the swimmers with teach. It is both an enriching environment for staff and for the swimmers with teach with a passion for our sport, we aim to pass on our knowledge of both the basics of swimming and more technical knowledge. We aim to ensure that swimmers progress their potential.  This is something as a team, we are all passionate about. (Zara)

Working for PoolSchools is fun and exciting, the children are amazing an the staff are incredible and very friendly. It’s a supporting and caring environment to work in, and the supervisors/ managers always have your back and are there to help you. Its lovely to be of such a great team. (Amelia)

Are you already a qualified Lifeguard / Assistant or Teacher?

If you are already qualified and looking for work, then get in touch with us today to discuss options available. We employ for a range of different job roles, including Swimming Teacher, Assistant and Lifeguard.

Thinking about Qualifying? Have you thought about becoming a lifeguard, assistant or teacher?

Joining the aquatic industry will not disappoint, the PoolSchools team is a great place to work and grow your way through to becoming a qualified member of staff. Learning from those around you in a great way to enhance your knowledge of swimming and see how a fun and engaging approach is so important. We strongly recommend that anyone thinking of becoming a swimming teacher, learns from the bottom up, gaining as much hands on experience as possible before undertaking a full qualification course!

Duke of Edinburgh and volunteering

The PoolSchools volunteer Swim Assistant Helper scheme that we have in place has been running over ten years, allowing those who need volunteering hours the opportunity to gain them within a company that they might already be familiar with, but also where there is a chance to develop a skill that can lead to future work.

PoolSchools are pleased to be able to offer assistance to those aged 14+ who might need volunteering hours for D of E courses (or similar), or for those who might benefit from some confidence building. By having those aged 14+ get involved with the assistant helper side of things we hope to help encourage and develop a sense of responsibility and increased confidence.
Over the years we have had a number of swimmers undertake hours each week and watching them grow in confidence has been really exciting for us.

We encourage helpers to commit to a 2hour regular session each week during term time at weekends, so that they become familiar.
For most of our venues, this is at a weekend when the ‘little ones’ are in the pool.

Being in the water for the duration as a helping hand to the class – demonstrating and helping follow through with the teachers instructions (i.e. blow bubbles or rocket arms), over the weeks we would hope that he gets to know the swimmers by name and starts to get fully immersed in the theme of the class.
Many parents who I have spoken to in the past have started with a trial – this would give a bit of an idea what the session would be like and what would be expected of them. Helping in the pool can be great fun!

Level 1’s looking for experience

Are you a Level 1 teacher looking for experience, look no further than the PoolSchools team, we will help inspire and motivate you to become the best teacher you can be!

Contact the PoolSchools team

We aim to respond to all contacts within 48 hours, but sometimes teaching commitments can extend the response time. We apologise if this is the case and we appreciate your patience.

For existing swimmers quoting their Swimmer’s Unique Identification Number (found on the booking email) means we can find your account quicker.